•December 5, 2008 • Leave a Comment

So this is my blog. The plan is to review records and go off on tangents. You’re not going to find reviews or essays on bands/records that have been praised to death. Everyone knows “Exile on Main Street” is brilliant so there’s no point in saying it again. And besides, if I’m blogging about it poor Andrea may not have to hear these opinions over and over when all she wants to do is listen to a record. Poor girl.

I plan to post a recommended listening bit once a week. This will be based off of what I’m really into at the moment. It could also be to point out how awful something is. To most people I know these reviews/essays/tangents won’t be anything new. It would seem to most that I don’t actually enjoy music at all. For the most part I don’t. So much of what people like or have been told to like is absolute shit. I’m not just talking about the top 40 drivel that we all know is shit, I’m talking about the stuff that people have in their record collections that they only have because they feel like they should. Don’t say you don’t have them because we all do. There’s nothing wrong with it. Alot of times I’ve bought records that I didn’t like because I kept reading/hearing about how great they were. Sometimes I ended up getting it……… other times I ended up having every record Shellac record. It happens. But the ultimate goal of this blog is to put together, over time, some sort of list of records that I can’t live without while trying to avoid the obvious.