North Korea

I know that as a liberal I’m supposed to “give peace a chance”. You know what ? I think that North Korea has had more than enough chances.

Sure, you can make any number of historical arguments about Truman not wanting to push past the 38th parallel. But I wasn’t alive then and really don’t care. North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship that has proven that they have nuclear weapons. If Bush was any kind of President he would have taken care of it……That is a war I would have supported. You know, one where the country we are invading actually poses a threat to us or one of our allies.

The only solution that I can think of is to just bomb the living hell out of North Korea. Every time we come to the table with them they pull out at the last minute over some stupid reason. 

I mean, they just said that they aren’t bound by the armistice that ended the Korean war so why should we be bound by it ? 

I’m not gonna lie, President Obama’s foreign policy has been shaky at best. This is the perfect chance to get the respect of the world. Go ahead, Mr. President – lob a couple cruise missles into Pyongyang. 



~ by chrismarchione on May 29, 2009.

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