something, something DOWN IN AFRICA !!!

I do not claim to be an expert on 80’s soft rock. I’m more a casual observer of the movement. 

I’m saying this because I’m listening to “Africa” by Toto. 

Toto is not a band that most people celebrate the entire catalog of. In fact, most people know the hits and have to be really drunk to even have the slightest inclination to willingly listen to them. I am not drunk but started listening to “Africa” about an hour ago. I have no plans to stop. 

The thing that always cursed this band in my opinion is their following. The people that really dig Toto are those “real musicain” types. You can find them in the most out of the way shit bars. They play covers and they are just waiting for you to beg them to play an original. To these people, playing Night Ranger covers is the very definition of success. God bless them. 

Anyway, this got me thinking about bands whose fans spoil it for the casual listener. I would never buy a Grateful Dead or Phish record because I hate the people who like those bands. That and I think those bands sound the way that Herpes would sound if it started a band. But there’s been plenty of times that I’ve been at a record store and didn’t wanna ask for help because I knew the snobby guy behind the counter would take my question as an obvious sign of weakness and take the chance to pounce.

Granted these people had much better taste than the average Toto fan, but it’s intimidating none the less.

What was I talking about ?


~ by chrismarchione on December 10, 2008.

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