North Korea

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I know that as a liberal I’m supposed to “give peace a chance”. You know what ? I think that North Korea has had more than enough chances.

Sure, you can make any number of historical arguments about Truman not wanting to push past the 38th parallel. But I wasn’t alive then and really don’t care. North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship that has proven that they have nuclear weapons. If Bush was any kind of President he would have taken care of it……That is a war I would have supported. You know, one where the country we are invading actually poses a threat to us or one of our allies.

The only solution that I can think of is to just bomb the living hell out of North Korea. Every time we come to the table with them they pull out at the last minute over some stupid reason. 

I mean, they just said that they aren’t bound by the armistice that ended the Korean war so why should we be bound by it ? 

I’m not gonna lie, President Obama’s foreign policy has been shaky at best. This is the perfect chance to get the respect of the world. Go ahead, Mr. President – lob a couple cruise missles into Pyongyang. 



It’s a good life if you don’t weaken…..

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I was all set to post a blog about how shallow and self serving my profession is. But instead I decided to post a quick blog about how Bruce Springsteen, circa 1984-85 is the bee knees.

It’s true and it costs me no clients.

May you get to heaven before the Devil knows you’re dead.

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I was sad to read today on that Ron Ashton had passed away. 

I’m not gonna be the first to say it but Ron was the heart and soul of the Stooges. Ron’s guitar playing influenced a generation of guitar players and will continue to influence countless generations more. Just listen to anything off of “Funhouse”. That record proved that you didn’t have to be a wanker to be a guitar hero. It makes me especially sad that Ron had to go just has he was starting to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Rest in peace brother, and may you get to heaven an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.


I just saw this on the stooges webpage. Full disclosure: my father passed away in 2005 and Jan. 6th would have been his 61st birthday. That being said, this made me cry:

We are shocked and shaken by the news of Ron’s death. He was a great friend, brother, musician, trooper. Irreplaceable. He will be missed.

For all that knew him behind the façade of Mr Cool & Quirky, he was a kind-hearted, genuine, warm person who always believed that people meant well even if they did not.

As a musician Ron was The Guitar God, idol to follow and inspire others. That is how he will be remembered by people who had a great pleasure to work with him, learn from him and share good and bad times with him.

Iggy, Scott, Steve, Mike and Crew


I am in shock. He was my best friend.

Iggy Pop

I Hate Myself For Loving You (when i’m drunk)

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It’s weird how different moods or states of mind can effect one’s taste.

Case in point: Kid Rock. 

It should be noted that I bought my first Kid Rock record in ’91. I was 12 and thought that “Yoodlin’ in the Valley” was the shit. Obviously my tastes have matured and become more refined since then. It should also be noted that Too Short produced that record and that he toured with Ice Cube after the record came out. Had there been no Vanilla Ice I think that the world would have been much more kind to tall haired white rappers. 

But the world is not a fair place to the tall haired white rapper. So I’m left with feeling horrible every time I’m a little drunk and I wanna hear some Kid Rock. I hate myself for it. I really wanna get past it but something keeps pulling me back to it. Why, God ? Why ?

I detest most of what the man says. I mean “I met the President when I was half stoned” ? Dude, respect the office. I’ve met Presidents and felt bad for having a drink before hand. I guess that me and Kid Rock are two very different people. Thats probably a good thing. 

See, it’s not that I’m a fan of the Kid. I just get a little drunk and wanna hear some white trash shit. Maybe it’s because we’re both from Macomb County (the only county that matters). Maybe it’s class tourism. I don’t know.

All I know is that I’m half ashamed and hope that God will help me overcome this terrible affliction. This is probably not a good time to mention that I also enjoy “Family Tradition” by Hank Jr. . My credibility has suffered a huge blow with this post.


This is my truth, now tell me yours

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Actually I don’t at all care about yours. 

Me and a couple friends were having a discussion about how peoples’ all time top 5 greatest bands list is always pretty boring because three slots are always taken up by the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and the Who. 

We decided that those bands are no longer allowed to be included in anybody’s top 5 list. I mean, to say that you like the Beatles, Stones, and the Who is like saying that you like air. We all love them and anybody with any sense loves them so there’s no need to state the obvious. That being said, here is my “All Time Top 5 Greatest Bands of All Time”:

1. Queen
2. The Sex Pistols
3. The Clash
4. Bowie
5. Kraftwerk

People will always find fault with these kinds of lists. Thats fine. This is mine and It’s probably better than yours.


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So I guess that having a music blog means that I have to do some sort of year-end best of kinda thing. I hate these damn lists. 

My problem with them is that the first part of the year there’s so much hype about some new “it” band and then you get to the end of the year and you still can’t figure out what it is about Vampire Weekend that people found appealing in the first place. That being said, here goes:

Albums of the Year (in no particular order):

Cut off Your Hands – You & I **(best of the year)**
Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life
Deerhunter – Microcastle
The Faint – Fasciinatiion
Ghostland Observatory – Robotique Majestique
Primal Scream – Beautiful Future
TV on the Radio – Dear Science
M83 – Saturdays=Youth
Hot Chip – Made in the Dark
Of Montreal – Skeletal Lamping
Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak

So there, my best of 2008. Suck it Pitchfork.

something, something DOWN IN AFRICA !!!

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I do not claim to be an expert on 80’s soft rock. I’m more a casual observer of the movement. 

I’m saying this because I’m listening to “Africa” by Toto. 

Toto is not a band that most people celebrate the entire catalog of. In fact, most people know the hits and have to be really drunk to even have the slightest inclination to willingly listen to them. I am not drunk but started listening to “Africa” about an hour ago. I have no plans to stop. 

The thing that always cursed this band in my opinion is their following. The people that really dig Toto are those “real musicain” types. You can find them in the most out of the way shit bars. They play covers and they are just waiting for you to beg them to play an original. To these people, playing Night Ranger covers is the very definition of success. God bless them. 

Anyway, this got me thinking about bands whose fans spoil it for the casual listener. I would never buy a Grateful Dead or Phish record because I hate the people who like those bands. That and I think those bands sound the way that Herpes would sound if it started a band. But there’s been plenty of times that I’ve been at a record store and didn’t wanna ask for help because I knew the snobby guy behind the counter would take my question as an obvious sign of weakness and take the chance to pounce.

Granted these people had much better taste than the average Toto fan, but it’s intimidating none the less.

What was I talking about ?